Who We Are

We are dedicated to recovering profits from your bad business debt.

We offer small and medium sized business the ability to collect on debt or old assets that has been uncollictable. With our proven method of mailers, in house collection staff and IT department, we can make guaranteed contact with your old clients and turn your distressed assets into equity. We posses the skills and knowledge to leverage our years of experience to help you increase your profits or at least recover the costs involved with the original debt account.

National Credit Group: a new perspective on the restructuring nature and recovery of distressed assets.


Little About Us

Company Formation

We were formed as a need to help collect a partner company's bad debt through signed contracts and services rendered and have since established a national network of partners to maintain and service those assets.

Premier Partner

We were founded as a partnership to collect upon distressed assets and it is our goal to help our clients to achieve maximum profits to your firm. We can perform a no cost or obligation review of your debt providing you with the quantity of high value litigation-worthy accounts and several options for unlocking the value of those accounts. Contact us today.


Jesica Parker

Converse Media (USA). ".....treating our delinquint accounts with speed and efficinency before we just had them broker them away was the best move we could have done.

We did not think there was anymore value in those accounts and NCG was able to send them out and generate twice as much value as we originally thought..."
Frank Rhoades

EcoDist "....wanted to just write off our collection accounts since we could not do anything with them in-house. We wanted to just sell them, but rather than do that, NCG felt it was better to have them service the accounts and then sell the remaining accounts. It worked out much more profitable to do the servicing with NCG before selling them off..."

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